Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. Shaped by weekend jaunts to The West Side Market for produce and pierogies, summer corn grown close to the shores of Lake Erie, juicy ripe beefsteak tomatoes and grape leaves plucked from a Murray Hill backyard. Further influenced by maple syrup just tapped at an Amish farm in Geauga County, Sunday lunches of corned beef on rye at Corky and Lenny’s, and Hough Bakery cakes.

Studied education and psychology as an undergraduate at Lesley College in Cambridge Massachusetts, because that is what “nice girls” were supposed to do. Earned a Master’s degree in Social Service Administration at Case Western Reserve University, so as to be taken seriously.

Eyes opened and taste buds tantalized first night in Rome, at the age of fourteen, as sautéed Elephant Ear mushrooms on a silver platter arrived at the table via white-jacketed Italian waiter.

Explored the breadth and depth of food culture by travel and life’s adventures, an ongoing pursuit. Studied culinary arts at Zona Spray Cooking School in Hudson Ohio and  La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Burgundy, France for fun. Changed career direction after completing Culinary Arts degree program at Scottsdale Community College.

Professional experiences:

  • Pastry Chef and Kitchen Manager – Cafe Bistro Bar and Grill.
  • Caterer, Private Chef, Special Event Planner, Menu and Recipe Developer, Business Writer – Tastes by Carol
  • Culinary Program Manager and Chef Instructor –  Sur La Table
  • Contributing Writer –  PhoenixNewTimes Chow Bella

Urged to blog first by a word savvy niece, a long time ago. After dragging my heels, here is my place to share tips and tidbits about cooking, food culture, personal rants and raves, and lessons learned-mostly the hard way.

Thanks for asking!  Carol Blonder


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Brilliant blog. Really. The photos are beautiful and informative and I may even attempt a crust. Someday.

  2. Wonderful! Maybe the impetus to start cooking. My family would b so happy!

  3. Dann Bergman said:

    Carol, are you from Pepper Pike?

  4. RoriSpringer said:

    I was goolging “Cambridge coffee, tea and spice house” 1968 just to find anything…your blog popped up. I checked out “about” you..I lived on Mellen St, a great boarding house Leslie collage owned and rented, downstairs on the right. I worked at the Roy Rodgers roast beef. I’m looking to any pictures from 1968-1972 or anything you can share. Before Mellen st, I lived on Humbolt st worked at Linnean (sp) Pharmacy on the corner on Mass ave. I shopped at Cambridge coffee, tea and spice house. One of my fondest memories was the smell when you opened the door. In addition, all the barrels of grains, nuts, and homemade granola, wit all the gadgets for the kitchen. I worked parttime at “the Shoe shoppe” across the street. Friends with the owner of Zar Nicholas and the Toad, the chilrens clothing shoppe. If you have any stores you remember I would love to hear about it or pictures during that time era, I would love it you shared..love to read you blog.

    • I enjoyed reading your message. Unfortunately, I do not have photos of Cambridge Coffee Tea and Spice House. Like you, the sensory memories remain; opening the door to an incredible mix of aromas which remained on my clothes long after shift was over, as well as my first taste of Hagen-Daas Boysenberry Sorbet, Jarselberg cut from the wheel, and fresh roasted coffee beans.

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